mountain biking in Czech Republic

Do It Yourself

We do not do catalogue holidays – instead we organise customised tours with flexibility to meet the wishes of our clients. Thanks to our many-years experience and local contacts, we can ensure a more attractive programme than you could imagine.

Tell us your time frames, your preferences and your interests and we will sculpt a professional detailed day-by-day itinerary which will be your guide through the Czech country.

You don't need to think how do I do it or when do I get there - the logistics are taken care of to allow you to enjoy hassle-free travel.

The best and effective way is to use a travel package – from the intercontinental flight tickets from Auckland/Christchurch/Wellington or Queenstown directly to Prague or any other mid-European airport, pre-booked proven accommodation of your desired standard, to a comfy, reliable rental car.

No hassles with currency or bookings along the way – your pre-organised trip includes prepaid vouchers that you need only to present wherever you go.